Taylor Dorey

Taylor is a WakeSurf guru. She is fun and has the knowledge and skills that inspire riders to get out on the water.

Name: Taylor Dorey

Occupation:Pro WakeSurfer/Student

Professional Portfolio: Sponsored rider with Centurion Boats. 4th place in Womens Outlaw Skim at World Wakesurf Championships 2012. 1st place Womens Amateur Skim at NWWSA and was moved to Pro division and placed 3rd.

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Personal Motto:Name:

Why train on the farm?

  1. Our Private facility is the safest place to train on the water.
  2. Deep Water Lake is a one-boat-at-a-time facility; the water is always calm
  3. Our staff includes professional watersports insiders with years of experience
  4. It is cheaper than renting a boat
  5. We practice safe training techniques
  6. Ride on quality Hyperlite products
  7. It puts hours on our boat, not yours

Hunter Clement

Hunter is an up and coming ripper! Known for big bottom turns and even bigger airs Hunter is a blast to watch. His knowledge of developing power and the ability to communicate makes him a great coach.

Name: Hunter Clement

Occupation:Outlaw Surfer/Student

Professional Portfolio:Sponsored rider Supreme Boats.

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Personal Motto:Name:

Lysle Spangler

Lysle is the old man on the crew. Coaching watersports since 1998 his skill set is perfect for the beginner to the aspiring pro. His techniques and style of coaching have been honed and perfected to bring you a safe and fun experience on the water.

Name: Lysle Spangler

Occupation:Boat guru / dad

Professional Portfolio:

Favorite Vacation Spot:The Farm with my family

Personal Motto:Name:It isn’t work when you love it